Oxular develops novel drug/device combination treatments for sight threatening retinal diseases. The company's objective is to provide innovative and effective solutions that benefit patients.

Strategic Focus

The global retinal therapeutics market is prjoected to surpass $14 billion by 2024. Growth is being driven by:

  • Rising prevalence of retinal disease due to aging populations and the increasing incidence of diabetes;
  • Approval of new and longer lasting treatments;
  • Better drug delivery; and
  • Better access to healthcare globally.

Oxular’s development pipeline includes treatments for prevalent retinal diseases, such as diabetic macular edema and aged related macular degeneration, plus programs for rare and orphan conditions, including ocular cancers, and delivery of gene therapy.

Our treatments are engineered to access small spaces in the eye and to provide targeted drug distribution to tissues specifically involved in retinal diseases.


Oxular’s innovative technology enables sustained drug release, better delivery, and reduced side effects, while improving therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Our administration technology enables routine administration to the suprachoroidal, subretinal and other small spaces in the eye.
  • Our drug formulations are designed to suit the unique ocular environments into which they are delivered, resulting in better drug distribution, duration of effect and therapeutic benefits.
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