Oxular is a leading, clinical-stage retinal therapeutics company that is developing technology to transform the treatment of retinal disease, offering patients life-changing solutions to their unmet needs.

Our treatments address the unmet needs of large patient populations

There is significant need for new, broader-acting pharmaceutical treatments for retinal diseases involving retinal inflammation and macular edema.

  • Current treatments typically only address one mechanism of retinal disease (i.e., anti-VEGF) and may contribute to a suboptimal or non-response.
  • Anti-VEGF treatments do not address underlying inflammatory components associated with retinal disease.
  • A significant patient population are unresponsive or become refractory to anti-VEGF treatments.

Oxular’s administration and drug-formulation technologies offer tissue-specific delivery of potent drug products to specifically address multiple pathophysiological pathways of retinal disease.

There is significant need for longer-lasting retinal treatments.

  • Current retinal treatments across indications require frequent intravitreal injections, which places significant demands on patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems.
  • Intravitreal injections require a treatment room setting with many ophthalmologists performing this procedure in an operating room, thereby negatively impacting capacity and healthcare costs.
  • The unsustainable treatment burden for patients, many of whom are working age, invariably leads to missed appointments, patient drop-out, and suboptimal treatment outcomes.

Oxular’s drug formulation technology offers treatment duration that provides up to 12-months of treatment effects from a single administration.

Building lasting value

Oxular’s leadership is committed to developing treatments that are truly life-changing for patients suffering from sight-threatening diseases. The company is well positioned to drive its future growth as a clinical-stage retinal therapeutics development company.

Oxular is in clinical development of its lead asset, OXU-001, for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME). It is also developing its product pipeline for other indications, while building its team to support future clinical trials and expanded R&D activities.

Oxular’s development pipeline includes treatments for retinal diseases, such as diabetic macular edema and macular degeneration, as well as programs for rare and orphan conditions, including ocular cancers and delivery of gene therapies.

"Oxular has built an exceptional platform that has the potential to unlock the full therapeutic potential of potent molecules and significantly improve patients’ lives by providing safe, efficacious, and convenient treatment options."

Dr Dmitrij Hristodorov, Principal, Forbion
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