Oxular Initiates OXEYE Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Oxular is proud to announce it has begun dosing in its OXEYE for diabetic macular edema (DME), a common retinal disorder with high treatment burden. In OXEYE, we are delivering Oxular’s suprachoroidal OXU-001, our sustained release microsphere formulation of dexamethasone, via Oxulumis®, our posterior suprachoroidal microcatheter delivery device, with an aim to provide a safe and …

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Oxular appoints Mark Gaffney as CEO

As we transition to mid-stage development with our #ophthalmic pipeline and platform, and look to optimize the application of our technologies, Mark Gaffney’s decades of experience in corporate and financing strategy, business development and operations will be invaluable to Oxular’s future growth Oxular Announces Appointment of Mark Gaffney as Chief Executive Officer | Business Wire

Oxular at Dry AMD Conference

Oxular’s CMO, Friedrich Asmus, MD, spoke at the Dry AMD Therapeutic Development conference in Boston, presenting Oxular’s “Routine Suprachoroidal Drug Administration and it’s role in Intermediate AMD/GA Therapies”  You can view his presentation here

Oxular Sponsors ISU 2022

Oxular is thrilled to sponsor ISU 2022 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and introduce the Oxulumis® suprachoroidal microcatheter to leading uveitis specialists. Together with Marc D. de Smet, we will host a series of skill transfer labs and provide hands-on instruction for routine suprachoroidal drug administration using Oxulumis®. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Oxular in Drug Discovery World

An excellent summary about the potential of our lead program, OXU-001, from Drug Discovery World.   “An innovative sustained release formulation of dexamethasone currently under investigation for use in DME offers the potential for effective anti-inflammatory treatment with significantly fewer injections and a high likelihood of fewer side effects, as its levels in the vitreous …

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2 x Triesence® doses; nearly one year of response

Oxular’s Senior Medical Advisor, Prof. Marc de Smet, presented on “Managing CME via the Suprachoroidal Space” at the December 2021 IOIS Conference. His talk included an update on a hard-to-treat postsurgical macular edema patient. The Oxulumis® posterior suprachoroidal microcatheter was used under compassionate use for the administration of Triesence®, an approved triamcinolone acetonide suspension. The …

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Drug Delivery OIS presentation

Oxular’s Chief Scientific Officer, Ron Yamamoto, shared an overview of Oxular’s drug delivery formulations at the OIS Drug Delivery meeting. You can watch the entire talk below, to find out more about our long-lasting drug formulations – including a first look at our micelle technology designed for targeted, local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents in the …

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Oxular presents at Eyecelerator

Our CEO, Tom Cavanagh, presented an overview of Oxular’s retinal therapeutics platform at Eyecelerator, during AAO 2021. It was a pleasure to share this update, with a specific focus on OXU-001, Oxular’s lead program investigating a long-lasting, suprachoroidally administered treatment for DME. You can read Tom’s presentation below. Play Previous Next

Oxular in Retina Today

Oxular was mentioned in this great article by Dr. Sivaprasad in Retina Today, on the promise of reduced treatment burden for DME patients via sustained-release steroids. Oxular is a key innovator in long-lasting retinal treatments and precise suprachoroidal space delivery, and some of the advantages behind our approach are highlighted here. Simply put, we believe …

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