2 x Triesence doses; nearly one year of response

Oxular’s Senior Medical Advisor, Prof. Marc de Smet, presented on “Managing CME via the Suprachoroidal Space” at the December 2021 IOIS Conference. His talk included an update on a hard-to-treat post-surgical macular edema patient. The Oxulumis® posterior suprachoroidal microcatheter was used under compassionate-use for the administration of Triesence. The data below shows both a gain in visual acuity and a reduction in CMT, with a duration now approaching one year following only two Triesence® Oxulumis microcatheterizations.

We’re thrilled that Marc’s patient has seen such sustained benefits from drug delivery into the posterior suprachoroidal space – especially as this was a very complex, refractory case with the patient suffering significantly impaired vision. You can watch or read Marc’s full presentation below.

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