OXU-001 is being developed to provide retinal specialists with a potent, long-lasting, safe, and broad-acting anti-edema and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of DME, RVO and uveitis. Given this product profile and its delivery to the middle layers of the eye via Oxulumis, there is potential to expand OXU-001 development to radiation maculopathy and specifically to radiation-induced macular edema, which is highly prevalent after uveal melanoma irradiation therapies.

Radiation maculopathy and radiation-induced macular edema are common, sight-threatening complications after ocular radiotherapy. Radiation maculopathy is not a singular entity as clinical manifestations reflect the combined effects of all damaged tissues. Current treatment using anti-vascular endothelial growth factor agents requires injections as frequently as monthly and may show modest treatment benefits in a sizeable proportion of patients. 

The use of OXU-001 may be a potent option to treat radiation-induced macular edema and it may also have the potential as a single administration for preventive therapy during plaque brachytherapy or after removal.

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