Oxular is developing technology to transform the treatment of retinal disease, offering patients life-changing solutions to their unmet needs.

Oxular’s significant innovation is the combination of:

  • tissue-specific delivery of potent drug products that address the significant pathophysiological pathways of retinal disease
  • treatment durability that safely provides up to 12-months of treatment effects from a single administration

Oxular utilizes its technology across its pipeline to develop treatments for retinal diseases, such as diabetic macular edema and macular degeneration, as well as programs for rare and orphan conditions, including ocular cancers and delivery of gene therapies.

Click on the images below for an introduction to Oxular’s technology.

Potent Compounds

Oxular identifies compounds which address significant pathophysiological pathways of retinal disease for adaptation into our proprietary, sustained-release drug formulations.


A proprietary, drug-containing biodegradable polymer system, designed as an adjustable, sustained-release formulation, with the ability to provide up to 12 months of treatment for retinal diseases following single administration. OxuspheresTM drug products have the potential to address significant unmet needs, thereby improving patient outcomes and dramatically reducing unsustainable treatment burden on patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems.


A proprietary, semi-automated ocular administration device utilizing an advantageous route of administration (the suprachoroidal space) to deliver therapeutics for the treatment of retinal diseases. Oxulumis is designed to deliver the therapeutics via an illuminated microcatheter that allows routine, safe, and accurate drug deployment to the specific tissues involved in retinal disease. Oxulumis offers physicians a novel, less invasive administration procedure utilizing current treatment environments.

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