Oxuspheres™ are a proprietary, drug-containing biodegradable polymer system designed as an adjustable, sustained release formulation, with the ability to provide up to 12 months of treatment for retinal diseases following single administration.

OxuspheresTM drug products have the potential to address significant unmet needs, by improving patient outcomes and dramatically reducing the unsustainable treatment burden on patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems.

Key features of Oxuspheres™

  • Safe, biodegradable, sustained-release drug product
  • Highly tunable for adjustable dosing and duration
  • Performs in targeted small spaces in the eye
  • Well suited for a variety of agents
  • Low-volume preparations mitigate acute elevations in intraocular pressure and associated pain following administration

Each Oxusphere™ acts as a miniaturized drug delivery system providing controlled and sustained drug release.

Oxuspheres™ aare formulated in aqueous, semi-solid or solid vehicles, and are available for delivery via different ocular administration routes, including suprachoroidal space, intravitreal, supraciliary, topical, etc.

Key benefits of Oxuspheres™

  • Provides sustained treatment for up to one year following a single administration
  • Long-lasting preparations significantly reduce the number of annual injections for patients, reducing visits for patients and clinicians and translating into cost savings for healthcare systems
  • Provides targeted drug distribution to the specific tissues involved in retinal diseases

Sustained therapy translates to more consistent treatment, better compliance, and potentially lower treatment drop-out rates.

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