OxuSpheres drug formulations are designed to suit the unique ocular environments into which they are delivered, resulting in better drug distribution and therapeutic benefits.

Oxular’s proprietary drug product formulations contain millions of biodegradable drug containing microspheres.

  • Delivers up to twelve months’ treatment from a single administration.
  • Reduces drug concentrations in tissues where it may cause side effects.

Each OxuSphere acts as a miniaturized drug delivery system providing controlled and sustained drug release.

OxuSpheres are formulated in aqueous, semi-solid or solid vehicles and are available for delivery via different ocular administration routes, including suprachoroidal space, intravitreal, superciliary, conjunctiva, lid margin, etc. OxuSpheres systems are well suited for a variety of agents.

Key Benefits

  • Biodegradable polymer microreservoirs
  • Manufactured to very tight size distributions, delivering precise amounts of drug per day
  • Release characteristics can be tuned to vary amounts of drug delivered over time
  • Low volume (<60 µl) preparations
  • Ambient temperature drug storage
  • Broad capability to formulate a variety of agent
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