POD3 Gold is an ocular drug delivery device that provides reliable access to the sub-retinal space, for delivery of gene and cell therapies.

POD3 Gold is a free-standing instrument (i.e., no attachment to an external device), which allows surgeons to use a normal surgical hand position to place the needle tip into and under the retina.

POD3 Gold allows for initiation and control of injection flow rate without changing hand position to allow the location and rate of one or more bleb formations to be precisely controlled.


Key benefits of POD3 Gold

  • Ab-interno delivery through 25- or 27-gauge port
  • One-handed operation
  • Low 10-microliter dead volume
  • Pharmaceutical cartridge vial – physician filled or pre-filled
  • Maximum flow-rate limit for safety
  • Flow of injectate from the small-gauge distal tip (30 or 40 gauge)
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